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Who We Are

We work with our clients to create spaces that reflect who they are and what they love.

Faith Town

Faith is a rising light in the world of interior design. Impeccable design intuition is what sets her apart. Her ability to visualise and execute have already led to her work featuring in some of Australia’s premier design publications.

Years spent in Asia, attached to multi-billion dollar hotel projects honed her design ability. Her role often involved formal reporting on and critiquing design, function, and services of newly opened hotels and restaurants.

She has since received an interior design diploma from the prestigious Mercer Institute of Interior design, and now sets her sights on creating wonderful homes for the clients of Smashing Spaces.

Her collaborative and enthusiastic style, combined with unique talent, and exceptional qualifications have already allowed her to execute industry-leading projects early in her career. She looks forward to your project being the next.

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